Угадайте автора

Never mourn the past time with regret everlasting,
Never mind all that happened and could not be helped,
Grasp your grief as a sheet, scrunch and throw to a dustbin
Cut away the thin thread that is making you sad.

Never worry about the past terms that expired,
No regrets on the things that will never return,
Be the lake of your soul always clean, fresh, and quiet,
Not forgetting at all, set aside the bygone.

Do not grudge anyone your compassion or kindness
Even if he repays them with ironic smile.
Let someone be a boss or the most famous artist,
You are lucky indeed not to share his lifestyle.

Everything in this world is regrettable hardly:
Are you late to begin, are you early to lose.
If someone plays the flute masterfully and smartly,
It's because you've inspired him, being his Muse.

Everything in this world is regrettable hardly:
Even love that was burnt, even years you have missed.
Let someone play the flute masterfully and smartly,
But you are still much smarter to listen to his piece.

Я не шибко силен в художественном переводе, к тому же на неродной язык. Но сильно хоооочется. Буду рад, если кто подскажет, как улучшить.

Sorry, I didn`t guess the author `cause I didn`t know him. Но теперь знаю, и у меня есть ответ( правда, на русском):
Удачи и Тепла!!!)))

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