Ordeal - Испытание

Commit, take action, do your part
With passion, from your soul and heart.
Opportunities are there.
You just try, you truly dare.

Utilize your gifts and talents
Creating mind and spirit balance.
Give helping hand to those in need
While you plant humility seed.

Grow the seed, engage all people.
It isn't easy, yet is simple.
Fulfill in life your human mission
Acting upon your vital vision.

Help children stroke by illness
With inner strength and willingness.
Find treatment and potential cure.
With faith and hope they can endure.

You are loving, caring, giving.
Share your kindness, they'll receive it.
Helping children live and heal
Conquers illness and ordeal!

Copyright©2011 Mila Alper

Здравствуйте! Мила Альпер!!!

Как-то, я не знаю Английский язык.
Если Вам не трудно,
Доработайте,Пожалуйста, стихотворение
Возникнет ОСОЗНАНИЕ и какое-то мнение.

А так, у меня - ТУПИК...

Переведите, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА,
На Русский язык.



Это не каприз...

Всего Доброго...

С Уважением и Дружеским Теплом


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