Across the Globe Film Festival, New York

“And what about film festivals?”

“Lights, Camera, Action!
The first one took place in Venice, Italy in August 1932. What was interesting about it was that no prizes were given, but at that time this fact didn’t matter at all for true lovers of cinematography. The audience decided which film was better by voting. Time goes by fast, time changes, but the worldwide interest in filmmaking and film watching continues…

The birth of new ideas leads to the shooting of new films with passion and aspiration, then to film festivals and the recognition...That is how we imagine how it could be… But what the difference between imagination and reality? Doing. Isn’t it better to do today, so as not to regret tomorrow? My answer is, “Yes”. So what is your answer? Trying and trying not only today, that is the way of a creator. Time does not stand still… Now is the right time to start your way in the art of independent filmmaking so that tomorrow will touch hearts of millions of people.

Across the Globe Film Festival is located in New York and Stockholm, but successfully forms a community connecting creators all around the world and together making dreams come true. Across the Globe Film Festival focuses its attention not only on the independent filmmakers but also on film students. Understanding of the perspectives and realization of your creative ambitions to the best these are what each creator would like to find... Inspire yourself to do your best and to find your creative future in the right place today.