Did these guys also beat us?..

In the 40th year (known fact)
the French signed the German act
...Then there was the war.
At the cost of thirty million lives

... In Berlin, on a may day,
field Marshal Keitel (have you heard of him??) *
already testified glumly that
Victory, and unconditionally,
belongs to Russia and the troops
anti-fascist coalition. And there
he saw the General;
that General gave up his country five years ago!
Only the German smiled crookedly: "Was ist das?!
Did these guys also beat us?.."

* The final Act of unconditional surrender of Germany was signed at 0:43 Moscow time on may 9, 1945 near Berlin...

It's not the first time we've heard lies,
but the truth, alas, is getting more expensive:
world war II results
Europe has long been irritated.
Hitler's deputies army
he tries, in an evil impotence,
re-edit the history ,
debts all written off to Russia!..
They forgot shamefacedly
about the Munich agreement*: all the world
in the bad days of those memories
they handed the Sudetenland to the Nazis.
All of Czechoslovakia — so! —
then they cut it to pieces.
Non-aggression act —
they signed it there.
Into the division of an unhappy country
Poland also contributed...
Whose fault at the beginning of the war, —
don't tell me any more!
The reason, in response there repeat, —
the Molotov-Ribbentrop act**.
But if it weren't for the Russian soldier —
all Europe would be Nazi!..
History lessons to them ,
as we can see, didn't give them any benefit.
And again the Fatherland smoke
is driving fierce tears...
And the European Parliament,
revenge of the fascists wanting
(barely knowing the story),
he barks furiously.

* The agreement on mutual non-aggression and the division of Czechoslovakia was concluded on September 29, 1938 in Munich between the heads of Germany, Italy, England and France. Ad. Hitler also represented the" interests " of Romania and Poland...
* * The act signed on August 23, 1939 by the foreign Ministers of the Soviet Union and Germany was the only way for the USSR to avoid a full-scale war on all borders back in 1939, while Britain and France demonstrated absolute agreement with the policy of the Third Reich.


A virus is roaming Europe.
And the Bacillus is intolerance.
And in power — Russophobes
(in order to revive fascism)...

Andrey Medvedev's film about the background of the 2nd World war. Thank you to him for his brilliant journalistic work! Watch on the channel Russia.TV. (Links are not allowed by the site)