No names. Ellie Balsham and Lancelot Almurr Sysse

5.4.2017 - 6.4.2017. Great Britain, Nottinghamshire

"No names. Ellie Balsham and Lancelot Almurr Sysse',
The story with poems, songs and tales"

Ellie was so glad to find her beloved man for her life.  She always dreamed to be happy, to have a warm house, her beloved husband and kids, to look for them all, to love them all, to be happy.

She walked on the street to put the dust away from small carpets, working fast.

Suddenly, some unknown man, on his horse, stopped near her place, looking on her with a full attention, and Ellie looked to him too, - as in her dream, - he was beautiful and attractive man, and something pressed her heart painful to stop, memorising this moment and his face and his look forever as a hope with white flying wings, upping her up and up to a sky of her dreams.

Unknown man said to her:

- You are so attractive woman!  My horse and me have stopped here and we would stay for all day and night near you and forever!  You as a spark of bright light for me! Where is your home? whom are you?  My name is Lancelot Almurr Sysse!

Ellie replied, that she would be Ellie, living locally near, a daughter of Balsham:

-  Unfortunately, my father Balsham had a full loss of all his heritage, so, and mine too. We have not now our castle, our native land, our properties, our servants, too, so, I am doing this all myself now, really sorry, I am, probably, dirty!  My father Balsham leaved, trying to travel abroad to sold goods to return our luck again back, so, I am living now alone and one here, waiting him or my marriage.

Lancelot Almurr Sysse said:
- Well,  so pity, your social status is so low now, you are the beauty! and i would be marry on you! as I am a single man now, living alone and one, when my 5th wife died, leaving me to stay alone with plenty my beloved kids!

Ellie made a quick kneed-sett, a curtsy-bob, realized the huge existing gap of a financial situation as a border between them two.   Her dreamed tender Angel-Dream about the marriage with this attractive man, Lancelot Almurr Syssee, had ruined down from the sky to a land, sounding loudly bumms! as broken into smallest pieces.

But Ellie continue to talk with this unknown man, Lancelot Almurr Sysse, trying to fight for her happiness to talk to see him for a one last minute longer while they will never look each another again in their lives any more, hoping to make friends:

-  Really, Gordon Van Sise is my genetic cousin on 5.7 generations between us two, we shared 9.6 cM (cantiMorgens) in our genetic tests results, or 38 cM (cantiMorgens) total if the accounting segments bigger of equal 1 sM, with the largest segment in 4.1 cM (cantiMorgents) while I never listened his name before from my mother as one of our relative before.  His Surname Sise sounding near to your surname Syssee. May Gordon Van Sise to be your relative? and if so, we both would be related in our genes too? 

- No, no, I have not a clue about Sir or Mr Gordon Van Sise, and my mother, maiden name Mary Causer or Mary Kauser or Mary Kauzer never named such gentleman to me too, dear Ellie, really sorry.

- Dear Sir Lancelot Almurr Sysse, really strange, but I saw a text of name with genetic results of Gordon Van Sise, I remember, as his genetic cousin in 4.9 generation was Kathryn Kayser, and that Kathryn Kayser's genetic cousin's in 3.5 generations was R. Kayser.  Surnames Kayser, Kauser, Kauzer, Causer, all looked so near in writing and in sounding, as all may be the some, really?

- I am not interesting in all this staff, dear Ellie, pardon me, it would be enough for me all my own problems.   Sorry, pardon me, but may I use your house hospitality for a while?  I just damaged my back, fell down on the run of hunting in the forest, and, probably, needed a toilet facility and a drink, - a cup of tea would be nice, if you would offer me this, dear Ellie. May I come? Please?

So, by such strange ways, their known-ship had started .
This surprised them both, but soon they started to like to sit down near to discuss something together - the history, events, genealogy, boats, horses, music, songs, with breaks on kisses.

Ellie sang songs, read poems, Lancelot Almurr Sysse had enjoyed a lot of a cup of tea with biscuits.

One day when they had danced, he started to coddle her suddenly and to kiss her, making her body to be more and more naked from all her clothes:

- We will be friends forever, dear Ellie!

Ellie had not noticed this, that she started to be suddenly all naked in his arms, while she was already as a fully naked woman on his palms.

They enjoyed each another, as lovers, spending together their time, something was singing songs, upping to be happy and Ellie body started to sing her own songs, mooning own melodies of happiness.

- We may write our texts and songs for a singing and a sale, one day, dear Ellie, - Lancelot Almurr Sysse had promised his future plans for Ellie, and how they will spend happily together their days.

She was happy, and she was thinking, they will be married soon to stay together happy forever as this all was so nice for them both.
Lancelot Almurr Sysse invited her to come in his castle.

Ellie came on the yard of the Castle, it was a big tall thinnest small Castle, rounded with a mixed heavy tall widest border of pine trees, oaks, silver birth, willows near the small river bank, covered by heavy biggest gray stone steps, with a growing  grass in thinnest cracks. Plenty bushes blossom with bright yellow or tender light violet, blue and white flowers. 

The family small church has looked from a distance, and a small stone fountain, without a water, asking to be happy all again.

Oh! all was as an old tale!

But suddenly 20 biggest tallest Labradors dogs run on her ways, barking loudly on Ellie, but Lancelot Almurr Sysse has stopped them.

- This is my woman!  Keep away from her!, - Lancelot Almurr Sysse shouted these his really angry words to his Labradors dogs.

And as some dogs had not listened his orders, continue their barking to Ellie, he started to use his heavy metal stick, beating dogs's heads to listen his words to stop to bark.

Ellie has been terrified, feeling a fear that if Lancelot Almurr Sysse will start to beat and her and her head one day by his heavy metal stick, as these dogs, if he will be really angry on her.
Ellie had not fears of dogs, as they had a lot of pets in their place.

And Ellie started to shout Lancelot Almurr Sysse:

- Stop this, stop, stop! Please, not do this! They will stop themselves!

Lancelot Almurr Sysse has stopped, his twenty Labradors dogs have stopped to bark too, and all walked inside of his castle. 

His castle was really old, some wooden floor parts had dropped, making holes on the floor, and a really bad smell of something unknown filled all places, as a black magic fog. 

The dust had covered all surfaces, making no clean place to sit down in a comfort. Broken hangs of doors, broken damaged things around, - a time stopped here so heavy, making plenty messy things, while all walls were in plenty nice paintings with the art, and the high stone fireplace was with the hottest biggest fire inside to warm a hall room.

- Sorry, dear Ellie, I am living alone, no a wife, as my 5th last beloved wife had died suddenly, and I am not a woman to arrange here all these females things, what women so like.   Here was someone clean wood chair, probably, this?

Ellie was terrified of a dark dirty dusty ruined castle of Lancelot Almurr Sysse, it was some foggy black magic fear shade on all things around, making a strong wish to run away quickly and never return back.

They decided to listen a music - all was broken. They decided to have a cup of tea - all cups were covered with dark black dust and this black dust was everywhere.

-  This is from a coal, - I use a coal, - Lancelot Almurr Sysse said, and he started to try to kiss her to make a love.

Ellie stopped him:

- You know, you are right, this place definitely needs some female hands touch, - so lovely pictures, paintings, a fireplaces, all, would be so better just to clean a little but this black dust from everywhere and  to repair damages which here some too.
Yes, good manners say never noticed other people's hole, but good manners of a kind hearts say to notice to offer to do repairs cross-stitches,

So, Ellie helped to clean a dust, and she sat down, making cross-stitches for holes in clothes of Lancelot Almurr Sysse, he gave a big baskets of his clothes to repair all to her, while he was busy too, arranging a dinner for her and for him too.

Ellie sat down and dreamed as they will married, she will clean all this his old castle to stay tide and nice, and they will have a wonderful garden with plenty flowers, blossomed in a spring and in a summer and in the autumn.

Such, Lancelot Almurr Sysse and Ellie started to be knowns, spending their times together, sharing their free time together.

Lancelot Almurr Sysse liked that Ellie would sit down on the swings in his garden, and he liked to move these swings, looking for happy Ellie.

And after, they had a sex, enjoying both.

- O!  I am so happy! This is so wonderful!  I am really need him and this all and to be his wife!, - Ellie was thinking, warming her heart in her warm soft puffy comfortable dreams.

All was as a dream, as a softest tender dream, but all dreams as a crystal thinnest vase, which dropped down on a floor on day, making a sadness of cutting painful edges of dream.

-  I cannot marry on you, dear Ellie!, -  Lancelot Almurr Sysse said, - See, I loved my 5th wife really strong, - she was all for me, more younger righter me, and I so enjoyed and laughed to have my wonderful beloved wife! I was a happiest man on the world!

- But one day, my wife poisoned me, suddenly. She put some strange liquid on my food on the kitchen, before this was bringing, serving, to me,  - Lancelot Almurr Sysse has said this to Ellie, and he has continued his story:

- I ate my dinner, and I was unwell, so much, as i survived just as a greatest miracle after.

- Look! Dear Lancelot Almurr Sysse, but why do you think this was your wife whom did this bad thing with you?

- One man, he was staying on this kitchen and he saw this as a witness and he said me this all after, as he saw my beloved 5th wife on the kitchen area, as she used to put something in my prepared food to be served me as some liquid from a small bottle in her hand.

- And what was after that?

- All my kids laughed loudly when they listened this story, as my thoughts as my 5th wife tried to poison me, nobody wanted to belief this might be the truth.

Lancelot Almurr Sysse's fingers started to trembled, tears came on the corner of his eyes.

Ellie was so sad to see this, she put her fingers on the top of his fingers, trying to help to warm to protect him, to calm down, to help to pass this terrible old memory.

-  I cannot marry on you, dear Ellie, after this story.

- Look, as my beloved wife did such bad things with me, trying to poison me,  how I may trust after that to other women?   

- How I may trust to you, dear Ellie?  May you poison me one day?

Ellie feels these words as someone would offends her, - Lancelot Almurr Sysse just had a cup of tea and a good dinner in her house, with a dinner, which she cooked herself for them both.

Ellie said:

- Sorry, dear Lancelot Almurr Sysse, you need to leave now this my house and never to come back any more to here to visit me, sorry.

But a real life as a real life.   Tears run and run always, a pain too, and the destiny put them to meet each another again.

Something put them together again, with Amur, flying near them both, trying to make them as a pair.

- Oh, Sysse is so sexual sounds, something so French, really strange, something as a sexual tender wishes of some dream, - Ellie's thoughts have flied by such way, while she was thinking after.

They started to be knowns again. And more, they celebrated New Year together, as a pair, making a warm memorable evening.

All started to sound so nice, as a future with the spring hope and dreams, mixed with a tenderness and a warmth, with the hope and a love, with a sexual attraction tenses to each another, with the warmth of family life of adults, unmarried or married family life, or just good friend and knowns.

It was a time, when was so nice all, that Ellie had not thought about the future, taking just a day as it was, with plenty kisses of the man and his love.

They planned the future.  They spent their time together. Their bodies liked each another, their lips and their breasts too.

All destroyed again with the starting first crack:

- Ellie, you know, my daughter was on a funeral service of my close friend, and she was really shocked he left a lot to someone his known woman outside of their family, so, all relatives had spent a lot of their time after to sort things with this problem to save theirs as theirs.

Nothings had been said straight to Ellie, but soon his kids, never touched her or their relationship, and had changed to her.

-  Look, Ellie,  my daughter is dislike your way of living, how you deal your life, as she is sure you needed to spend your free time not here, but somewhere else, better not with me too. She disliked you to be here and worried about me too, and, look - you put a cup of tea on a wooden table without a stand under a hot cut of tea, - my daughter said this is discussing to do such way, as this may damage a wooden table surface with marks, - so, please, never forget to use these stands for cups to protect the table surface!

- Dear Lancelot Almurr Sysse, please said me one things to understand things here, - whom would be the owner of this your castle and your Estate?  You?  or your daughter? or your daughter,  giving you a right to live here while you are alive as to her father?  While do you give rights to your daughter to command you, what you must to do in your property?  She is your daughter, not your boss, to command by you and me?

- Ellie, all here will be belongs to my kids only and to my daughter too, as all my heritage from me would be for my kids.   So, if my daughter wishes something, you need to do all as my daughter's wish.  See, my daughter's ancestors are from Royalty, related to Kings, so, you need to do all what my daughter wants or ask or wish. See, she is My Daughter! My Daughter!

-- And whom I will be for you? You named me your lover, your friend, your woman?  Dear Lancelot Almurr Sysse, so, your daughter has no any respect to me at all as to another woman, so, she has no any respect to our relationship and to me, as to your woman?  Dear Lancelot Almurr Sysse, how you may to educate your daughter to be so rude to other woman and to you too? With no respects to other humans?  I sure she would be really unhappy someone would treated her herself as she treated me?

Ellie was really upset, her working bucket with old clothes of Lancelot Almurr Sysse dropped on a floor, as her trembling fingers started to be a weak to move them, her heart cried and cried.

She saw her ruined dreams:    she had said about bad manners and a wrong attitude of a daughter of Lancelot Almurr Sysse , - and so, she has saw the ruined love story as the end:

Lancelot Almurr Sysse started to be really angry, shouting on her, as not having rights to say no words opposite something as no one has rights to offend his daughter or her name in his castle never as she is his daughter forever and his daughter!

-  Good bye, Ellie!  You will leave this place and my castle now and never come back to return back! Good bye!
Ellie leaved.

She walked back to her home, alone and one, walking through a forest, it started to be a dark.

She was not able to understand, why a man, named her as his friend, his lover, his woman, using her kindness to help him, laughed together with her, dancing, eating her food, which she prepared to them, shared a time together, - and he threw her out as an unnecessary thing, and he gave to offend her by others, named as his woman before.

This as a winter with a cold and a frost and a snow came suddenly on a place, where was a tender spring and summer life before.
- His daughter loves him as her Dad so much!  So, she tried to do all to keep him as a virgin man till his eternal life till his death, just to her own needs!

Ellie sees, as a man, whom named himself for her as her friend forever, was not a strong kind man to protect her rights to be happy, how he was sure his kids and his daughter have rights to upset her, Ellie, without any protection her by him, as her man, Lancelot Almurr Sysse.

- His name is Lancelot!, and this as a medical diagnose never to see a woman whom loved him, but always to look far away  to find someone another woman, or to go away from a real woman for some dream!, - Ellie was thinking sadly, -

- Really, he had beat me by his heavy metal stick as his dogs before, just by another stylish manner, trying to order to be on rules and orders of his daughter, kids, him, their opinions, thoughts, while I am an alive ordinary woman with my needs as I am as an individual, as an alive woman.

- What had I did wrong and bad to Lancelot Almurr Sysse, making his to smile, laughed, repairing his old clothes with holes by cross-stitches, making his food, which he said as tasty and nice? Making a love together? Why had his daughter so suddenly started to push us to stay always?, - Ellie thought, walking on the pathway thought the dark forest. 

Big Moon and stars are looking like brightest spots on the sky.
 - His daughter loves him as her Dad so much!  So, she tried to do all to keep him as a virgin till his eternal life till his death, just to her own needs!, - Ellie was thinking, trying to joke to up her by joking.

-  Look on his daughter! She loves her Dad so much!  so she will keep him as a virgin male, a virgin man, a virgin, till his death, she will keeps her father as a virgin male for his eternal life!, - Ellie tried to joke, while here was no traces of Lancelot Almurr Sysse near her, while she walked alone and one though the forest, where was so dark already.

Some bird, probably, an owl, or an eagle-owl started to make loud noises at forest:  - Uuu fff  Uuu!   Uuuu!

Some grey shades sparked near her, moving quick and disappeared.

Ellie's heart was in a strong pain from the sad end of her love story:

- Lancelot Almurr Sysse is a wrong man!

But as she had noticed these grey shades moving near her, she forget all her sad love story and run, trying to pass the forest to return back to a home.

Ellie was running, while some unseen border beat her, suddenly, on her way, and she fell down on the land, losing a balance and senses.

Ellie came back to a reality in some warm room, a warm fire lighted all around, to see figures of some really tall big man, plenty men of different age, the old woman in a black dress, an young pretty girl, some kids and a cat.

- I know her! She is a daughter of Balsham! They had a loss of all their luck, - no money, no castle, and no titles! Nothing, to take, nothing!  Here will be no money for her!, - one man said to all others.

- No money! No money! A Barter! as the exchange!, - A man has started to shout loudly by a thinnest voice and to laughed loudly, moving, some have beat themselves of their legs.

- Stop! She is a lover of Lancelot Almurr Sysse , his Castle not near, - he will pay money for us! and be careful as  he had 20 angry dogs Labradors and he is really nasty evil man for something what would damage what his property!, - the old woman said, continue:  - I do not wish for my family to be boiled in the boiled oil!

- No!  She is not his! Would you think a woman would belong for a man, siting at night in a warm Castle, if she is on a run though a dark forest!   He through her out! Some, as he always did with all his wives, and women! So, she is not his already, she is ours!, - a man said.

- No money! No money! A Barter! as the exchange!, - men started to shout.

- No money! No money! A Barter! as the exchange!, - men started to beat their legs by palms and some beat a table by their big beer cups.

- All right! No money! No money! A Barter! as the exchange!, - the old woman replied and all men were happy to listen this and reacted loudly: - UU!

- See, our rules, dear the Beauty: No money! No money! A Barter! as the exchange! So, what will you offer for us all here for the exchange as a barter? instead as money for you and your life? Our rules - you will be in a full ours orders and power here till the first sun rays!, - the old woman in black said to Ellie.

- Mum, I need a sex! I need a love! I had not a woman for a while!, - one of man said to an old woman in a black.

And all other men shouted, the some words, as they all need a woman, straight now, for a sex, too, as no women for a long in this place was for them too.

But the young girl and kids said loudly:

- Grandma, Nanny, we do not need a sex with this girl, - we wish to listen some tale! No tales, no books, we will not go to a bed to sleep without a tales of this girl!

- All right, all right!  We will start the payment exchange for my kids and my grand-kids at first - let's she says her tales to my kids, after she will help me to wash dishes from and supper and lunch and dinner and to sort seed to clean  stones for a porridge for tomorrow morning and she sew all holes in clothes of my sons - i listened she is good on this, and after this all she will be yours for my sons till the 1st sun rays time. So, the exchange done!, - the old woman in black claps, making her words would be the last decision.

But all her sons were really unhappy.

- All right, 1st she must to sing a song!

- About Lancelot Almurr Sysse, please!, - the young pretty girl said her wish.

- About Lancelot Almurr Sysse! , - all public was shouting and laughing.

Ellie Balsham looked on them all, and started to sing her song:

Ellie Balsham's song,
About Lancelot Almurr Sysse!

Some men may be honest,
Some men may be brave,
Some men may be gorgeous,
Some are kind, tender men!

Just Lancelot Almurr Sysse
is so rude!
He threw me from his home
to walk to a wood!

Some may are as Lions,
Protecting all girls!
Some men will give money
to survive in a warm home!

Just Lancelot Almurr Sysse
was so rude!
He threw me from his Castle,
- Good bye! No returns!

I had tried to be
And an attractive, and a kind!
I tried everything! With
My hope to be his wife!

But Lancelot Almurr Sysse
was so rude!
He threw me from his Castle,
- Good bye! No returns!

I sew plenty holes
into his clothes for him!
I cooked tasty food
to feed him and me!
I danced! I sang songs!
I smiled!
I kissed him everywhere!

But Lancelot Almurr Sysse
was so rude!
He threw me from his Castle,
- Good bye! No returns!

He said me: as a secret:
- O, would be so nice!
To have a sex with you
And your other neighbor,
as three of us!

He said me: - I would marry
on you, My dear Friend,
But you are so poorest!
so, definitely,
this the end!

I cried, I dreamed
about the love, to be a wife!
But nothing had happened!
me is a single and the one!

Oh, this Lancelot Almurr Sysse
was so rude with me!
He threw out me from his Castle,
- Good bye! Never back! No returns!

He said me:
- My grandson will marry soon
on this, a pretty blond young woman,
from some richest old surname.

Oh! Oh! My dreams, the weddings!
But some another girl
will stay in her nice wedding dress
as pretty white blossom.

And when they all to go to the church
Or to a wedding table.
It will be no place for me to be here
with Lancelot Almurr Sysse together!

So, say, was I so really stupid and fool
Making a food for him?
You know, he named my kindness to him:
- You are so cheapest and fool!

Say, why this, as a woman
whom just wants a love
whom is kind to share her food
and her luck,
named by richest with hate:
- She is so a cheap!
- No money! No a husband!
- No savings!
- Hee! Heeks!
I loved, but this Lancelot Almurr Sysse
was cold, dry, and rude!
He threw out me from his Castle,
- Good bye! Never back! No returns!


Ellie Balsham finished to sing her song, all words had just coming as they are.

The young girl said:

- Please pay now for me something too, in the exchange! I wish a song about a love, something nice for me, please!

Ellie Balsham's song
About The Love

The Love is Your Load
to care all life,
Sometimes may be heavy
Sometimes as a light.

Sometimes is so painful
as cuts with bloody wounds
to pass all, surviving
before to start to fly.

I hope, believe,
as one day with some wings,
people as angels
will fly on the sky.

That it will be another
World, much more kind,
with a soft tenderness
to each to survive.

The love is a feeling,
As a rainbow on the sky,
Where so plenty colours,
To make to survive.

And one as not a loud,
near to a silence, it would come
to be back to own soul,
To say: - I am back!

The Love is The One,
The Love is The One,
The Love is The One -
Our Star on The Sky!

Ellies Balsham's song
About Lancelot Almurr Sysse, Badly Song Memory

Some Knight was Lancelot,
and plenty time ago.
He was a famous man for all,
and richest, bravest, strongest.

He had his dreams,
which were as a star,
to move to find,
looking to a sky.

And as he had looked far away,
He had not notices eyes
of woman in a love near
to him.

O, so plenty women loved him a lot!
With their strongest hope
for a luckiness, to be his wife!

But no their attempts, no kindness,
or characters, no the beauty
had him stopped to notice
of someone

He loved just really big money,
To be rich, to have a gold,
He loved his way of jokes:
Syssee - Sise - Le Murrs!

He liked to try to do
The woman as a prostitute:
- See, you will be so rich!
And drunken! and with friends!

- To make a sin so easy!
As tra-la-la, or tramps!
To laughed:  - so funny
To put the dirty bowl of poor
on someone's head!

He laughed, closed his mouth:
- He-he! He-he! I lied!
I will say some lie about
you, to all my friends, all times!

He blamed me: - Never listen
What I will ask to do!
Because this play, which is funny!
To round you not be a good!

- Syssee - Sise - Le Murrs!
Amur! A'mur!
All tommy-cats just wanted
the same,
some are some,

Some men do not wanted
or pretty girls,
at all.

And all your love
as a joke style
for them: - See!
She tried well!

And after all,
no trusted
no one
to be as a man.

You love not males,
but something,
You love.
You live.
And one.

The wonderful World,
The nature,
And tasty food,


Ellie Blasham asked:

- Had I paid the exchange barter fees for you, dear young girl??

Young girl replied:

- No. This is again not what I asked for. I ask a nice song about a love.

All men started to shout loudly:

- Look! She sang a lot! We wanted ours too! This night will pass away with no our turn to have ours! Let's not be so greedy! She tried as she could, really! This would be enough!

Small kids started to shout too:

- Look, our turn for tale was 1st in this Que! Let's she will say a tale for us! and after, you will ask what you wanted from her!

- All right, all right!, - the old lady in black said.

Ellie Balsham's
Tale for small kids living in the forest
About The Mermaid

One upon the time, one old priest lived near the small pond in the forest. The priest liked to fish a fish in this pond, and his wife liked to make a nice fish pie to him.

But one day, when he took a net with a fish, this came out with a big heavy clay jug, so the old priest walked into a pond, trying to take the heavy item out.

- Oh, so heavy!  What would be here?  Probably, plenty gold coins?, - the old Priest was thinking.

But suddenly, the young beautiful girl appeared from the pond water.

- I am a water-nymph, - she said, - and this clay jug is mine! So, let's give this to me!   or, marry on me, and this clay jug will be yours!

The Old Priest dreamed before a lot to find some big money to build a nice church with nice church bells, he tried to do savings for this, but them were not enough.

- Dear a water-nymph!, - The Old Priest said to this young girl, - I would marry on you, as you are so pretty and young, but I have my wife already, near me for more righter one half of century as my wife, and we married by the church marriage - so, forever. I cannot marry on you, as our Christian religion against this.

- So, if you can not to do this, please, give me my jug back!, - the young pretty water-nymph replied.

- Look, if this your property, I must to give it to you back, as Jesus said this as never to take other people's property as a sin and I am a priest to glory Jesus life and all Jesus words to us.  But I have my dream to build a nice church here locally, in this place near this pond near a lake, and this would be a nice church, plenty people will come here  to pray. I tried to do my savings and other people savings, to build our church, but i was  not able to collect money enough and I am old already. So, I need this clay jug with these all heavy gold coins, to build the church. But we may do a deal with you: to name the church by your name, and we will pray for you here, and we will be pass our presents to you to own all into a water - a bread, a food, coins, so, what you will give for us today, all will return back to you tomorrow later in a time when our church will stay here and the local people will come to pray.

The Mermaid, this young beautiful water-nymph replied:
- And what is about a marriage on me? if you cannot, what is about someone of your sons? or about someone of your grandsons? Not a point for me to stay alone and one as a single?

- Look, - The Old Priest said, -
- Look, when we will build the church here, plenty people will come here to pray, and plenty single young men will come here to pray too, - you are so pretty and young, so, you will meet one here soon defenetly!  So, a deal?

The water-nymph replied:

- Okay, a deal. You are right, if here will be a church, and plenty people will come to pray, I will have more chances to find someone here for me too.

The Old Priest asked:
- What is your name, my dear Lady Water-Nymph?

But the mermaid smiled:

- No names. It just enough for me to know all this. Let's name your church as your wish as I am looking not for a name but for a true love to find for me not to be alone.

The time passed away. The nice beautiful church started to stay near the pond, and all grass around was so nice and green, and flowers, and white water lilies were in the pond.

One day, suddenly plenty horsemen rided and  came here, they all asked the permission to wash their horses and themselves  in a pond  in a lake water before to go to pray into the church.

They washed their horses, and they started to swim here, all attractive young men, with the beautiful strong young bodies.

As they were being not locals, they took all their clothes away, swimming nacked in a water of lake, all without clothers and  no pans on them.

Suddenly, the tender warm water surface stopped away from the sand beach area, and a beautiful looking young pretty naked girl put herself and her face with a long hairs and her body with her beautiful young naked breast out from the water and stand up. Some white water lilies in a garland covered her hairs, her bubbies, her body, her legs.

O, she was so young and beautiful! as a white pearl of a sunrise!

All young horsemen looked at her and all fell into a love!

- Would some of you want to be my beloved husband?  I am a single and I am looking for a right man for me for marriage and  a true love with my husband,  -  Words of  The young Water-Nymph girl sounded as silver thinnest  bells as she asked  all swimming and resting men here.

- We all are single men here!, -  Horsemen laughed.

- Just one problem, dear beautiful Lady: We all on a duty,  we all do not need women and so wives and marriages!

- We all are on our duty! We always on our way, on horses! Riding!

- No home! no wives! no kids! no marriages! Just orders to us for us to make them!

- Oh, I see!, - the young pretty naked Undine replied for fully nacked young men-horsemen,
- I would like such life too! Here is so dull! Always all the same and the some! no any changes!  May I travel together with you?  May be I will meet my half,  my true love, moving though plenty places by more quick way?!

- All right, we all agree to take you with us, but you need to have your own horse!

The Undine said:
- Oh, money! I have enough money to buy a hourse for me!

- And what's about your tail? Young Lady?

- Easy!, - The Undine replied.

And all saw as the water-nymph turned round into a water, making plenty smallest sparks of rainbow in air  and she turn back, standing  with her two legs:

- All these people prayed for my soul and me in the church  and for their pray, as a response, I have these my two legs now as all girls now!  A Miracle!

All people in the church looked, and all shouted loudly:

- Oh! See! Look! A Miracle! A Miracle!   Our Lady- Patroness Mermaid have started to have two legs as all girls! The Miracle!

The Old Priest had been asked to baptise the water-nymph,  whom starting to look as all girls, in the church. The Priest agreed. The Lady Mermand  agreed.  Plenty people came to see the miracle, and how the priest will baptise the Undine girl, - he used the pond water for this, so, plenty people might saw all.

After the baptising, a new Christian girl with her new Christian name, already the ex-water-nymph sat down on her horse, which she bought for herself  and she said to the old priest:

- If I will find my boy-friend, my man to marry, my true love - I will return back to here with him to live here. If I will die, - I will write my will wish about my grave to be here. Please, pray for my soul and me. I hope I return back.

And they left, all, after this church service, - all horsemen on horses and the girl  on her horse with them.

The End.

- Look, dear Ellie Balsham, it is so late already, so, enough tales, songs, poems, - let's help me to wash all dishes, to leave this house clean, as we all here just for this one night as travellers. And this will be your payment fee for me as a barter and the exchange! Let's go to help me!, - the old woman in black said to Ellie, and they leaved the company, walking on the kitchen for a house-keeping work.

The company started discussed things, talking by not loud voices, as kids lied down to sleep.   The young girl lied down to sleep too, - she accepted the last tale as a love story, and so herself as a receiving her payment fee as a barter and the exchange.

Some men started to sleep already too, as the body is the body, and after a meal after a long day always so nice to go to sleep, to relax, to see nice night dreams.

And I am, as a writer, will stop here too. Here is the end of day and a night and a nice time to say

Good night! Have a nice night dream!
All the best!

Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin (Inna Tiggi)
Ианна Инна Бальзина-Бальзин
(Инна Тигги)

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Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin
Ианна Инна Бальзина-Бальзин