Katyusha, happy birthday!

Katyushka's birthday
 Everyone brings toys to her house ,
 Balls flowers, gifts
 Let the birthday be bright!
 I, too, congratulate
 Of plenty wish
 Light joy love
 Good beauty Queen !
 Every year our Katya
 And wiser and nicer
 You always look stylish
 You dress beautifully!
 You help people a lot-
 Their fashion dress
 You multiply beauty
 And you wish them all well!!
 Well and all to you in the answer
 Send warmth and your greetings
 Wishes for health and love
 Let all your dreams come true!
 Happiness and I wish you,
 Sea of joy love,
 You Shine, Katyusha, brighter
 The most fiery star!
 2.01.2020 g. Lena VIN.