Cycle Rattling

 I love you, past,
 Expensive, good,
 Black and white, delicate,
 Sunny, snowy!
 Mom's polka dot dress,
 The steppe is powdered with dust…
 I love you, past!
 It is a pity that I am abandoned by you!
 For seven miles around
 Every breath is audible.
 Snow gray from a Blizzard,
 Like a dream, deep.
 There is no edge to the sky,
 Everything for the two of us!
 Infinite light,
 The light of your love.
 Was hoping the separation isn't forever,
 Was so scared, prayed so hard, so eager!
 For someone in the sky mothers put candles,
 Well, I - you, alive-waited.
 On the shore only stones with a hole,
 Memory waves are pumping coins!
 The inscription on the pier: "I Love you, Irochka".
 Where was the knight? The dream of the youth, where are you?
 As feelings hurry to pour out a new song!
 And irrepressible joy flashed through space!
 The earth is getting more and more interesting to me every day!
 I am again surprised by the spring forest decoration!
 Fresh life pulsates in the round chestnut Bud,
 Forces time, hurries seconds and blinks,
 And memory carries back to the swaying patching.
 And I want to take off my everyday life, as a burden, veriga.
 I love the moment when, breaking through the shell, from the kidney
 Chestnut leaf will shake his finger at the cloud with anger,
 Then these fingers will be able to unclench a leaf,
 And suddenly, for the cross, the three fingers will be thrown into the sky!
 Then straightening, stretch sweet and sweet,
 And the sky will touch, and the cloud will rain,
 And water will shake off, having lowered down a green paw,
 Long and fastidious tremble in the winds of the blades.
 Until they decide to spread the leaves wider,
 And now they turn into umbrellas, and let out
 Above the palms, like candles on a cake, flowers,
 Which my sight so please, heart caress.
 So feelings hurry to pour out a new song!
 And irrepressible joy will fill the space!
 Earth, for me every day you are more dear, more interesting!
 I will again be surprised by the updated forest decoration!
 The wind turns the lips of tulips
 He's playful, stupid, but not rude...
 The sun shines with specks,
 Leaf embroider pistachio…
 A never-ending tear
 Heavy lashes.
 Shoulders drop
 Under a heavy burden.
 Look leaves a storm,
 The look of a frightened bird.
 Why are you doing this to me?
 And for what, my good man?
 Give me your hand -
 I can't see the road…
 And light a candle
 Before the most high face.
 You sowed separation -
 So go with God
 Over the course of the river,
 Following the stork's cry... 
 Life and death throb through my veins.
 God himself led me to the edge.
 Saying goodbye, I did not forgive treason…
 But everything passes – you left first.