Winter has crossed again

Winter has crossed again,
 Through a certain apparently frontier.
 And accidentally suddenly woke up,
 In another calculation of years.
 But only seen in the 21st,
 This unbridled age.
 In the year probably the 20th,
 In such a wild world.
 And from the very first day I was lifted up,
 She showed herself again.
 Well, frost just struck,
 The whiteness reappeared.
 As if a miracle had happened,
 At the beginning of this January.
 An unknown hand of someone,
 He performed a prayer service from A to Z.
 And the air was much cleaner,
 The earth sighed after all.
 Whirling now and snowflakes,
 They lie down like never before.
 And now a fairy tale has appeared,
 It's really light around here.
 Suddenly the gray colors disappeared,
 Was probably good.
 Nature finds again,
 Its festive appearance, however.
 And the day flies by like a bird,
 Snow white lies.
 Here is a New Year found the image,
 Which only suits him.
 And no matter how old you are,
 He listens to earthly beauty.
 Nature still fascinates,
 And to visit again calls.
 Winter Coos with the weather,
 Determining your flight.
 Everything changes overnight,
 Other colors, miracles.
 Well, that is the expanse,
 There is always the immensity.
 Was she really transformed,
 For a time, the maiden is winter.
 In the New Year suddenly found myself,
 In the arms of a new turn.
 Well, and know his power,
 And charms apparently their.
 A certain joy overtook her,
 These are wonderful days.
 Well January just continues,
 Perhaps and charm.
 And adventure offers,
 After all, a fairy tale still match.
 Like winter the same white,
 And his thoughts are pure.
 And how it's just as bright.
 This is a vision of beauty.