Winter season

Adores young and old
 Snow repertoire!
 Not the premiere, so what?
 All around light, but.
 Look through the glass in the morning -
 Swept up! White-white...
 Full of fresh faces.,
 Glad spirits amphitheatre,
 The whole balcony groans noisily,
 Laughter, flowers, Cologne...
 Seeing that the whole room is Packed,
 Having made up, winter is in a hurry...
 With a cloud the chandelier dimmed,
 Drown in the verses deciding,
 Running into a scandal,
 The wind scattered rhymes,
 The branch trembles mentally,
 Luxuriantly down on it lies...
 Footsteps are heard in the silence
 The nimble grandmother Yagi,
 Chair, Hey, take it soon,
 Be late, calm down, Kashchey!..
 Put your gadget in your pocket and hide it...
 The winter ball is very hot.
 Last happy day and night,
 In the morning, in the evening not averse...
 Away with the veil! The door is securely closed!
 The output of your Blizzard, come on!
 And then to the stage. -
 Beauty a priori...
 Snow moves surprise
 Right, left, up and down...
 It is visible even from vip-boxes -
 The choreographer is super good!
 Will do for an encore now
 Prima creative dance!
 In a whirl went extras -
 A wonderful get-together,
 Everything whirls, glitters, gets drunk,
 Dazzles and beckons!..
 Animating each row,
 Stun space rad
 Young perky laugh,
 The hall filled without interference..
 Ringing ballroom mayhem
 On the balcony penetrated into the stalls,
 And into the privacy of the lodges,
 And into the amphitheatre...
 From the heart it covered
 All who go out into the world.,
 The stage, the chandelier and the passage,
 The pantry and the notes of the chord.
 The sandwich is waiting, but in the interval,
 In the meantime, in a tender act
 The snowflake waltz is beautiful,
 Every stump in this case is clear...
 But, sometimes, in the hour of a fierce storm
 Snow flies with the whistle of a bullet!
 Everyone is in a hurry to break the plan
 An unexpected storm,
 Generously to those who are friends with life,
 Snow for a collar will bring down!..
 Ray of sunshine turn on,
 Santa Claus, wait, help out!
 Applaud in verse
 In the wondrous birds,
 Our motive is charmingly simple -
 Waiting for the divine repost -
 Production will have to last
 Stars of the bottomless well!..