As white-white from snow...

As white - white from snow,
 Dazzles the eye,
 Rainbow plays in bliss,
 In the frost, the sun is glad.
 Drifted drifting drifts,
 Whatever you say,
 Paths narrow passages
 Meet far away.
 Silver and sparkle
 The snowflakes on top,
 Winter will smile
 Early in the morning.
 Will sing, will dance,
 The wind will whistle
 And to snowflakes in a moment finds
 Different way.
 The stove was flooded in the house,
 Heat not missing,
 Then they went out on the porch,
 Snow burns like fire.
 Good is the weather!
 There is something to remember.
 After all, until the meeting & quot;Rats & quot; year
 We won't find any snow.
 It's never been like this
 In winter December,
 But the water froze yesterday,
 Ice is everywhere.
 You'll have to play snowballs
 Mentally in winter,
 Santa Claus is already rushing,
 Snow maiden with him.
 Warmer in Antarctica,
 Ice melts there.
 Who has what credit
 Was Hod a hostage?
 No snow and the mood
 Sour at us.
 My God, let's be patient,
 Fonts in the Holy hour.