Let the years wane...

I want life
               live with a smile
 & nbsp;the evil of disease and death,
 in spite of the flimsy nature ...
 I want the song to keep going
 & nbsp;in my soul,
 to her the world has become
  a little bit warmer.
 Let the years wane,
 but I,
               falling into the former rage,
 I hurry with a toothless smile
   on new year's opening day...
 My land ,
               I myself -- earth !               
             Everything on you is dear to me .
 I love the warble of a Nightingale
   and good riddance,
 and I love the blue heights of heaven,
      & nbsp;steppe expanse,
 and that the forest stood like a wall,
 the wild gorge of the mountains,
 and the ocean wave,
 and fast rivers flood,
 and everything I don't remember,
 which didn't fit into the verse...
 But I hate it,
               do not accept
 & nbsp;all,
               & nbsp; who will spoil this Land!