Multi-storey housing in the depths of the sea, edi

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 Multi-storey housing in the depths of the sea.
 & nbsp;When fishing vessels pull trawls from great depths -
 in many species of fish, eyes fly out of their orbits.  These types of,
 in my opinion they are divided into two categories:
 The first category includes those that are those depths
 however, in case of some need, these are such as:
 cod, Pollock, perch of different species, sea carp, navaga
 and many other species of fish. They come from great depths
 to spawning grounds with shallow depths of ten to twenty meters.
 Naturally, they have a genetic adaptation
 in relation to the difference in sea depths. If such a fish,
 which spawns in shallow water, in the case when it
 after spawning can go deep, then she lives there
 quietly, and do her there in the darkness is not threatened. And, here, if
   it from there to pull to the surface suddenly then
 her eyes pop out of her head.
 The second category includes those species that live in great depths,
 like halibut, phlegm-for life. They spawn on
 in the depths, and food is also obtained there. In these types of fish, not all
 eyes fly out of their orbits. They are quite used to it.
 thousands and millions of years to such depths. In particular, to such
 & nbsp;fish, and refers to the Coal fish, but it always appears
 & nbsp;in trawls in a single version. Such fish in
 kosyachnye version is very rare. Usually she gets caught
 very rarely, and then only in the piece version.
 & nbsp;it has a particularly delicate Taste, but not cloying, like the same
 blue-cow halibut.
 Devyatkov Vladimir prokopyevich Tyumen.
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