Interrogation in the crypt

& quot;Love all ages are submissive"
 (A. S. Pushkin)
 Here are the judges lined up,
 Polarisant zaslona.
 And their eyes burn with anger,
 And all the words are flying at me:
 "The young man who didn't shave his beard,
 A puppy who does not remember the good,
 Answer us: is it true that you
 Were you with a woman in the woods yesterday?..»
 I answer the judges: "Yes!
 I found a lot in the woods,
 I went there as a boy,
 From there I was a man!..»
 "Forgetting about his gray hair
 And still forgetting the sins,
 You went with the woman and her
 Whispered love poems?..»
 "Yes! I answer the judges.—
 Walking with a woman. Whispered words.
 And I believed that my fate was mine
 Light, while love is alive!.." 
 Becomes a mute singer,
 The singer becomes mute.
 Love is my constant companion.
 I'll be forever young!»
 (A fragment of a verse by R. G.)
 Two angels with great fire
 Suddenly crypt* my lit up
 And it was bright as day,
 There is no power to look at the light.
 I only wear my white shroud,
 I'm afraid to take a breath,
 The question  I am asked direct:
 "Tell us: Who is your God?»
 I say, " my God is Allah,
 He gave Me his Islam,
 Knew the true self & nbsp; fear
 And His Speech Is The Koran."
 I used to live without faith,
 God has given me a light
 In the chest and the Word saved me,
 Leaving a mark on my heart.
 To me flies question the second:
 "Say: Who is your prophet?»
 "Muhammad, he is my mentor,
 All his way is a lesson."
 And here is the last question given:
 "Tell us about faith?»
 "My religion is Islam,
 There is no place for lies in it.
 Brother angel gave me a crown
 From the sun's rays,
 And I sighed at last,
 From his joy.
 And here they are, embracing the wings,
 With me soared up,
 Hell roared beneath us in anger,
 That I didn't achieve my goal.
 I was alone in the grave,
 And God sent salvation.
 I was given an eternity of Paradise
 For faith and patience.
 =Tina (Tanzilya) ANSAROVA
 * Crypt-grave, closed room below the level
 land (under the Church or in the cemetery), in K-ROM
 they put coffins with the bodies of the dead. Common crypt
 for the burial of members of the same family or family
 call himself
 1. It is reported from the words of ‘Uthman that the Messenger, peace be upon him
 and the blessing of Allah, after the funeral is over
 he would stand over the grave and say: "ask for forgiveness
 for your brother and pray to Allah that he will be with you
 toek, because now he is being interrogated."
 (Abu Dawud)
 2. (Excerpt from the great hadith)
 "A man hears the sound of his loved ones' sandals when
 they move away from him, and then two come to him
 harsh angels who start yelling at him.
 They sit down and ask, " Who is your Lord?”
 He replies, " my Lord is Allah." They ask:
 “What is your religion?"He says,' My religion -
 Islam”. They ask “ " What kind of man was sent
 to you?"He says “' It was the Messenger of Allah, Yes
 may Allah bless him and grant him peace." They
 they ask: "What were your actions?"He answers:
 “I read the book of Allah, believed in it, and was faithful
 Then a voice from heaven proclaims: "My slave says
 truth. Spread out for him heavenly beauty, dress
 put him in the robes of Paradise, and open for him the gates of Paradise."
 He begins to enjoy the heavenly fragrance, and his
 the grave expands to the vastness that only can
 embrace his gaze"(Abu Daoud, Ahmad, Hakim).