In bad weather love

I won't tell you how often I dream
 Under the spray of fine autumn rain
 High-rise outlines in the fog  are outlined
 Under the hand of the hard - pressed I
 You're under an umbrella now sheltered with bad weather
 We with him the two of  your guard warm & nbsp; scarf
 Through the emptiness of the rain I catch like a stroke of fire
 So wicked, it is a pity fleeting glance
 And the rain cleverly - cleverly understood me
 Whispered, weaving in the rustle  - & nbsp; pretend
 A drop of spray in your face now I'll burn you
 And you to the cheek of your beauty snuggle 
 And just touching, and as if by accident
 Hair smell that smells expensive
 So wind the sky fell in love quite desperately.
 All the colors of autumn scattered over the ground
 I don't remember seeing you with earrings before.
 But this evening, they pricked my cheek
 They'll remind me of Yesenin and the birches
 When they stood under the rain, clinging…
 Dreams, dreams. Sad surges
 Tormented by a stupid, measured laziness
 Souls of impulses-strange motives
 Blossomed in the autumn of the old decrepit tree stump…