Blue nose

Dad and mom were divorced.
 My father lived with a lady,
 But he promised to help us
 And sometimes he visited us.
 On New year came to us Santa Claus.
 And I look at the blue nose
 And I realized who was in front of me:
 After all, this is my own father!
 And he reached into his pocket,
 I asked my mother for a glass.
 I read a poem to Santa Claus
 About how I went to school.
 My grandfather drank, laughed, and sobbed
 On mother strongly cursed,
 I remembered my studies,
 Then he ate my gift
 And sleep under the tree fell.
 And in the morning I broke my eyes,
 And my Grandfather is not. Got away again!?
 And just candy wrappers
 With foil from a thick chocolate bar
 Reminded of the gift,
 What did you bring me for the New year
 For the first time in a decade
 Some kind of weird Santa Claus...