Family scandal

   & nbsp; the janitor shuffles with a Broom in the morning.
    & nbsp; Dog barking. The door to the balcony is open.
    & nbsp; I am Angry, you are angry with me;
    & nbsp; and steam puffs out of the cauldron.
    & nbsp; Day boil, quarrel in the evening,
    & nbsp; Love lavish fervor and heat.
    & nbsp; So hot that there is nothing to calm us,
    & nbsp; Sly, or what, the lid pressed?
    & nbsp; Does not the geyser gush on the Kurils?
    & nbsp; Does not the ocean knock you down?..
    & nbsp; Here's the tap you have fully opened,
    & nbsp; Here I am bubbling like a washing titanium.
    & nbsp; we Swear such things that the furniture trembles;
    & nbsp; So much profanity, confusion…
   & nbsp; & nbsp; and okay. Nothing. Let. Looks like,
    & nbsp; that heart to heart we have become attached.