Tin bodies, glass hearts,
 In a roundabout together to the end.
 Genuine joy is a half-face mask.
 Wherever one goes, he goes to the forefathers.
 Movement on a vector from a number to a letter.
 Strings twitch: puppeteers-dolls.
 The path of the righteous is so captivatingly round, but
 No matter how many Cadi-everything smells rotten.
 As sung more than once, the world is a black-and-white movie,
 Skeletons are like dominoes.
 Zombies drink vodka, VIP zombies drink wine.
 The Apocalypse is in full swing - no one cares.
 A mad gallop around the perimeter of the cage -
 It's like sewing air on a net.
 Puppet life, a marionette novel -
 Point. It's time to say Hello to your ancestors.
 No change on the Western front.
 The good news is that there are no indestructible walls.
 Microtubules in the veins -
 Ideal conditions for Zen knowledge.