Snowy beginning of summer

* Chronicle of an iconic poem*
 Agree that in reality to see the snow at the beginning of summer-it is a rarity, even an anomaly. However, the Internet complained about it massively – I understand the interlocutors, although I live in another region-we have a terrible heat and triumphant suns.
 I did not notice a suitable and rather creative illustration until late in the evening. And I was tired to the extreme, incredibly wanted to sleep, but I peremogsya-because I know from experience that if the verse originated in my thoughts is not fixed, then it will irrevocably disappear.
 Overcoming my reluctance, I took a blank sheet of paper and sketched out a draft. Of course, writing with a pencil is my favorite creative attribute. Poetry was born so easily and naturally that I wanted to publish it immediately on the Internet, which I did. And on rating now I notice that the verse turned out quite good-readers order.
 Will briefly summarize. For success in any business requires firmness of character. Just so luck does not fall from the sky – even in poetry.
 Summer came –
 And on his first day
 It snowed last night,
 Although on the calendar: June 1.
 People talk about,
 What's in our area,
 Sunny weather is unlikely
 Will triumph…
 But I persevered
 I look out the window –
 As the reclusive Willy-nilly,
 With a thoughtful face…
 I just want to,
 To summer current,
 At least, it turned out
 With a happy ending.
 1, 3 June 2018
 * selection of illustrations: author
 (from the prose-poetry project & quot; Creative range")
 *the poem "snow on the first of June" is included in my poetry collection "Inspired lyrics";