War takes the boys

(on http://stihi.ru/2010/04/03/6551)
 War rolled on the native side,
 There were boys who became soldiers of the country,
 Their mothers accompany them, crying after them -
 The duty to fulfill are growing up, sons.
 Not to return them... Escaped... Lay down his life
 For a dream to keep life going around,
 That mother lived, the Fatherland remained,
 As fathers dreamed, and a friend dreamed next to them.
 Monstrous price! But for her Victory,
 For the living-the glow of the sky without bombs,
 And the free homeland is again reserved,
 Saved by the blood of boy sons.
 These young Chicks fell to soar like eagles,
 To tear apart, at the cost of life, cruel enemies,
 And go to Eternity already cranes,
 Leaving the living the peace of peaceful dreams...
 This system did not disappear, passed into our memory,
 Became a Deathless Regiment, marching to hearts -
 All their offsprings will remember the good kind,
 After all, they fought for their Homeland to the end...