He is from the city of Samara...

I respect Ivan
 It's no accident that I'm talking:
 "He wakes up early
 Leans on walking.
 The dawn is bright as a match,
 Fire breaks out:
 "He has this habit, -
 I specify-for a long time.
 Loves physical education since childhood
 He was truly devoted to her:
 "There's nothing like it."
 To look more cheerful.
 He is from the city of Samara,
 Like me, a pensioner:
 "It doesn't look old
 I take an example from him.
 My movements give me cheerfulness
 I'm fast on the rise now:
 - Buzulukskaya are Bor
 I have a fervor in my heart.
 Golden around the pine tree
 Needles darn the dawn:
 - Ivan Fate sent me here, -
 Speak frankly.
 You can cook any porridge with it
 Stick in hand – and let's go!
 - Is it from Samara
 Nordic walking?
 In the picture: Ivan Semenovich Pavlov. Photo of the author