Taurus-utilities, but tells us,
 That he was a Terrible dragon,
 It frightens us that it will consume us all,
 And soon Babylon will fall.
 Taurus-Babylon will fulfill the law
 Overdue disposal,
 And if you do nothing, it will flare up,
 That little, alas, will not seem.
 Of course, will burn, who tightly merged
 His body with scrap
 And he doesn't want to hear prophecies,
 Fire to weaken as much as possible.
 Everyone knows that garbage is burned perfectly,
 Who's still in it-Get out!
 Taurus already scares you with a dragon,
 At least do something!
 It is time to stop the Bullock to utochnyat
 Tons with a gram of utility,
 And junk, as a good, not to trade
 On the contrary, to pay for harm.
 - Hey, Corporation, pay compensation
 For the sold goods false
 For the self-renewal of the nation
 In the most simple way!
 What to eat the death and get really hot
 If you can make a bonfire,
 And money for it.:
 On self-incineration of damage?
 By linking the word to the deed in your own body
 On a very small "speed»:
 It will turn out to be a scanty + in fact,
 In huge scrap-works.
 To say: "this is garbage, it loads everyone:
 Here's the money for withdrawal
 From all sorts of poisons with a pleasant taste,
 And any placebos exile.»
 Who is charged with power, more work:
 Remove your garbage from the system.
 -Well, contact us-what we can help
 You to solve your problem.
 So, from the inside of the Taurus we will diminish
 Gentle burning of lies
 The dragon is resting-we will burn ourselves
 Desire and from the heart.
 And where is Babylon?"We know the law
 Dan, to break it.
 And if it is broken for the worse it is,
 What would not dare to improve?