What will you give me the year of the rat...

What are you going to give me the year of the rat, but not dash you guys,
 All the latter you take away, the price is already creeping up.
 You leave on bread though the price, but on drops Korvalol,
 Let's live a little more, you'll rip off your pants.            
 You hear rat, you think, I'll be mad at you,
 If you don't take action, you'll be mad at yourself.
 I'll ask the bull ahead of time, let him come to the showdown,
 The bull will be made of metal, and the rat will be blown to hell.
 On reflection you rat, not a week, but only a day,
 If you raise your prices tomorrow, you'll be sorry for a long time.
 As you came with the year of the rat, with him to hell and run away,
 Year of the bull for justice and not long to be a rat.