Blizzard all night, and until morning,
 We know soon-winter holiday,
 Beauty floats across the sky,
 A bright Copper rider is illuminated.
 Our city-it is not hurried,
 Greatness, why-a lot in it,
 Became for week-fussy,
 Sparkles-rainbow fire.
 In water-in channels, in dark rivers,
 Strips of light, lanterns,
 Firecrackers, roar - not a hindrance,
 Elegant fairs-rows.
 And the city, then prettier,
 All people flourish in it,
 And the one who frowns is an alien,
 We'll get him a mask.
 And on the rollers there smile,
 And with it-a blush on the cheeks,
 And the ice sparkles-a spark unsteady,
 The king is on horseback, we are on skates.
 Well, who doesn't love this time,
 When all believe-in a fairy tale we,
 Elegant Christmas trees-circling tribe
 In the squares, in houses the lights.
 No one thinks-about the sad,
 About the end of magic,
 And the city - in the delicious colors,
 Built - the Ice Palace.....