I will go to Fergana in the autumn

I will go to Fergana in the autumn!
 I'll make a movie there about the most
 Warm People!
 And I'll eat ripe persimmons there,
 And Uzbek pilaf on a beautiful dish.
 I will make many Friends there -
 The soul of the Radiant with the Beauty of the Heart!
 Valentine will sing to us like a Nightingale,
 Under the seven-stringed murmur of & quot; ribbed"...
 We will Either stick there Manty -
 Let's sing with the Soul of all your favorite songs!
 In Kokand, and many different cities,
 With excursions we will go with interest.
 I will go to Fergana in the autumn -
 Breathe The Soul Of The Eastern Expanses!
 Uzbekistan with all my Heart I will embrace
 And I will BOW to its Magic Mountains...
 P.S. DEDICATED to my Friends in Fergana-Lidia Alekseevna and Valentin Ivanovich Goritsky.