Moonlight mane light flutters,
 Prostrate in a half-sleep,
 There in the sky the stars Shine,
 Fading in the air....
 And cold, dark and gloomy,
 A world of steel and glass,
 Where darkness reigns attic,
 And silent gray haze....
 On the unfeeling expanses,
 In a pale dead void,
 Where walks a quiet rustle,
 In absolute blackness,
 The tired horror of the night sleeps,
 Disgusting nightmare,
 Tearing your soul to shreds,
 Stoking the fire of darkness…
 Everything is lazy and careless,
 Throughout the night and silence,
 This pain is so endless,
 After all, the soul is defeated,
 She was too attached
 To alien heat…
 So what's left for her now
 Contemplate the thick darkness…