Well, it happened

  Everything happened!
 All OK, happened, New Year
 Came to us in the snow.
 Sledge, like, all-terrain vehicle,
 The abandoned wagon.
 What's it for now,
 Not the wheel season.
 People open doors,
 It's a leap year.
 Old Santa Claus
 Arrived with the rat.
 She hisses, raising her tail,
 Grandfather the, like, & nbsp; bald.
 Younger where would you get it,
 Better than a native,
 So he could sing and dance
 Along with the dance. 
 But, however, Santa Claus
 Got off the sledge and stomped,
 And this, suddenly, happened,
 Something burst.
 And gifts were showered
 Right into people's hands,
 With alcohol glasses, cups. 
 Fun in the neighborhood.
 He took out another bag,
 Gave everything to the children.
 With them  sang, danced, tired,
 Only at dawn.
 The rat danced, too.
 Snow flew & nbsp; powder.
 The people my heart told me,
 It's going to be a good year.
 Have fun, common people,
 Take it on faith.
 Will this New Year
 For others by example.
               O2.01. Two thousand twenty