Spirit and Light

Rain and cold can’t bring her down.
Not seeing any barriers  for many years,
To her dreams of fabulous  wealth
Spirit and Light shine on the Ways.

She is beautiful and serenе in the life.
She was  shy in her soul. 
She was soft and tender.
As a result she’s bright and successful.

Desires ,goals and dreams 
Permeate all her life with interest.
She shares energy of victories from her heart with us.
I’m shoulder to shoulder  with you .

But contrary to the nature of the beauty
Men’s business got her to face.
She looks fragile and fit.
Her posts will push back fatigue.

She hits as if it’s slightly.
But tski mawashi ago ,like hammers,
In a hail of seikens once probably
Everyone feels  coldly.

I know exactly I can’t make you angry
A nice girl was missing  and now a Woman .
But every day with you is almost done .
And our cause  gives us the fleeting instant.

Her urges  to infinity 
Set an example always for us .
She is Ideal and perfect in her favorite cause .
The Queen Yoko across the years.