The best way to do everything

Everything what I do
makes me feel better,
see better and live better,
because I know now
how to do everything
using the best ways.

More I work, more getting healthier,
more I look on papers, read and watch TV,
more far away escape from the trap of myopia,
more I rest and relax,
more filling up with the best ideas,
more I dream and meditate,
better I see 
the true, deep and pristine
values of the life,
some of which
is a sheer and great reward itself.

Yes, I do everything
with the most powerful admonitions,
riding on wonderful horse of win
making everything
with the best way and manner
on the autopilot.

I am learning from mother evolution
to her strength, stubbornness and undismayed will   
in the matter of surviving
and finding way
leading to better environment
and creating conditions for that,
gradually, irretrievable, unquenchable
as the greatest artist,
environmentalist, landscape designer
who created
so suitable for happy life
countries, planets, stars systems
and finely tuned universe
the body of which tied, ranged and supported 
by the myriads black holes
mutually lingered, intercepted and interwoven
through multiple dimensions and powers 
of dark matter and energies
so strong, primordial and gorgeous.