No one cares, no one dares
And no one will pretend.
Cruel reality. There's no sense
To fight till the end.

NO true feeling. NO deep meaning.
And no hope for little chance
Broken clock. Lost Lock! -
Durty mind's advance...

Wild soul. Bloody hall
For prison and nightmare.
Closed door, scream and more
The only way - beware.

YOu can decay, be loved and pray
YOu can forgive or not
Don't cry for me. Dont change the world
Content with all you've got.

So sad and simple - do and die
It bases on the flash
And doesn;t matter: your or mine
Let's live for justice march.


Obeying oldest people which around
Just crying correct rules
You lose your freedom, lose your sound
Become one of the fools

And you can joke yourself again
Know: this doll - isn't you
And every new day will cause you pain
Such awfull is bitter true

And after many many years
You'll understand your fail
It'll be late, no time for tears
Your cheap soul is for sale.

No smile for rainbow, no joy for life
Your plans are upside down
NO time for dreams, no speed to drive
You're nothing in your town

As a result - depression comes
Embracing with bony hands
You look for alcol, choosing guns
Find place where Death stands!

Use ultimatum or fly to hell -
Try, change reality
Need in great mind, - No, just believe
In possibility.


Don't run from problem - it lives in you
And fall in love with heart
Solve or forget - it's simple true
From Buddha's thinking art.

So, if you see the way you've choosen
Becomes far, goes apart
You stand to win when you begin
It all right from the start!