Analogy With The Mobius Loop 30. 09. 19

    Одно из самых гнусных преступлений существующего режима заключено в том, что он ставит человека перед выбором между совестью и выживанием.

I known thoughts and women do not come together
And now to show off really feel disinclined
My last creativity's scraps and rags weather
Away from the clefts of the atrofied mind

You'll ask me: "From where has begun such regression?"
From one trick 'bout which I was not warned by Norn -
If you of your free will twice make a concession,
The third time you're deemed bound to go on and on

The circling routine and the fixed imposition
Of duties and scopes were excrescent to me
And for a long while it's unhinged my cognition,
Extinguished my flair to forebode and foresee

I've switched to the mode of the total abstainer
And my raven star has turned ash-gray from grief
The rhymes became grimmer and notably plainer
Fit only to cuss out my sear yellow leaf

Then as I dismissed the unlettered plebeians,
I've wished to return to my glum watcher's role
To my streams of doom and the shores of the aeons
But it's proved impossible, useless at all

'Cause when the reign's grabbed by the vile rabid gibbons,
The human life henceforward does not mean much
We merely can fasten the black mourning ribbons
On our half-mast flags ere the funeral march

We hope still for us is not signed the death order
And not for our souls creeps the punitive troop
But dwell in the ruling scum's stifling malodor;
Our frail being's closed like the Mobius loop.

The number of sense on the earth is restricted
The populace grows to endure their dull lot
But truly takes shape none of what was predicted -
Our fate's threads have twined into Gordian knot

And in this dead-end posture there's nothing mystic
Our dark realm's transformed to the ghoulish regime
The nowaday junta is endofascistic
It's based to choke freedom and kill any dream

So, with the thieves' gang enthroned we can't rival
Whatever we blame or conversely, berime
They scoff: "Choose 'tween conscience and your own survival"
I ween, it's these scoundrels' and bastards' worst crime

Photo from Google pics.