My December

My December is very magnificent:
But I can’t chat with Maleficent,
There is one big advantage –
I forget about old life’s page.
I don’t mind (as you can see),
But in this December I’m clear and free.
All snowflakes give me inspiration
And I don’t care of bad conversation.
I want to dance with man (it will be enough)
Because this is a man who I love.
This is my December, this is my time of the year
And magic does not disappear,
And Happiness comes in every home,
Winter is not time to be alone.
I hope to see your footsteps to my house
And I sing “Jingle Bells” with my little mouse.
These all candles, New Year dinner
Are made with love for you, my dear.
Oh, is it a fear in your eyes?
A frost, a cold, a silver ice -
It doesn’t need a matter in the end,
Because in this December I’ve met my best friend.