IrBIS To make the stator moan when the rotor spins

 Igvas Saveliev
Review of the Phantasmagoria Trail (Ira Berestova)
and drawing:

One axis, like me, there are many ellipsoids,
I don’t know which one is mine.
Someone rolled down to the side, under me
slipped. - Not expensive! -
shouting, "I am yours!"

I did not believe, there are so many of them
sliding i don't like
insincere oppression. I select
of those that I need.
Each time out of a hundred, another is good!

Pickiness has nothing to do with it,
I'm darling, but I want the motor
on the motor. To make the stator moan
when the rotor spins. Only this one!
- Do you hear the motor?

Igvas Savelyev 09/15/2019 19:56

© Copyright: Igvas Saveliev, 2019
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