Wonderful Night

verse 1

You've never seen me,
You've never known me in love
You've never asked me,
You've never heard from me about love

Now I ask you to say
Oh please show me the way
How I, I'm gonna find you


Lightless days, indifference haze
They won't kill me, but make me stronger
Pearls in seas, best of dreams are for you
All of mine for you


Bye-bye, I said good-bye
To the shore and I went
To find my life
In a sea of time
To be brought by the tide
To hold your hand
One starry night

Verse 2

I have been searching
I have been diving deep for pearls
Deep in the ocean
And then stick them to your curls

Don't be hiding away,
I have so much to say
Of how, how it all went on,
Going on