Away This Sunday

I, I was thinking of you last night
I was dreaming about us
Every time, I passed by your house
And saw you through the fence

I heard what your father was telling 'bout me
It was putting me into distraction, perfection,
Galvanizing me into action

I had no thoughts of job,
No thoughts of money
I was astray in the strongest feeling I'd known
I was undefended to the whole world around
But I was an arrow, I was a bound

Away on Sunday wanna be
Away on Sunday gonna be
Away on Sunday we will be
Away this Sunday

Now I have more confidence in me
And this time I should be really free
Unlike I used to be when I was looking through your fence

I know that your mother's still blaming me
For stealing you from your family
And your destiny is right here in my hands

You are my sun, my blooming jasmine
You're like a gem from the depths of the sea
I'd bury myself in the snows of the North Pole
If you were there I'd break all the ice