The World of Butterflies

Mid flowers so sweet
To flitter so free:
The summer’s endless mead
Grants termless liberty—

On the soft petals’ bed
To drink the fragrance deep
And soar and soar ahead
The honey-vast to sip—

To chant the spires awing
Amid the boundless bloom
In the sun-hymns that sing
To nourish and illume…

Awhirl on the warm winds
Just glide and dance at ease,
Just fill your airy wings
With love and light and bliss—

In the balm-currents reel
Of the soft-scented breeze
With sheer delight to feel
The blossoms’ waiting kiss…

The world of free delight…
The life of blissful ease…
The ether-space of light…
The honeyed tenderness…

And everywhere’s flight,
And everywhere’s love—
The world of wings so light,
No bond, no chain, no gyve—

The garden-world in blow—
The blooming paradise…
And everywhere’s love…
The world of butterflies…

There shall come, I know,
The blissful day at last:
The happiness so slow
Shall find even us!

We’ll soar! We’ll flitter free
Under no yoke or sway
In the sweet liberty!—
The butterflies at play…

Ritam Melgunov

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