Sometimes we love


Sometimes we love or maybe not...
My mind like happy idiot -
Mind likes mistakes, it knows result,
But want to try - mind likes be blind

My heart is running fast highway.
It makes me happy anyway.
Until next day, when i can see.
I want believe. My heart...p.c.

I am so hot, I need more lust.
Nights of the kisses with bright stars.
Believe my soul - I also trust.
You are my brilliant - one and last.

And if I meet my love today,
I hope to see its golden ray.
I want to smell its silken breath
Until my birth, against my death.

My fate is fair - believe, believe...
And I can say- I feel - I live.
If I go up - you go with me.
If I go down - then you are free.

You know I love - I know you love.
My feelings makes me try new drive
Straight to the sun, leave fear behind.
I do believe - I found love.

My destiny - be soft, be kind.
Please smile to me - I give my sign.
The new day came and sunshine rise.
Let me be strong, let me be wise.


To my life teacher

I want to feel your love tonight,
Your arms are in my hair.
Drawing a fate so sweet and white,
And full of fresh air.

And I am standing now so straight.
I feel no more fear,
I think about you tonight.
I wish I could be near.

The flowers grow, the flowers die…
The life which starts and ending,
But I feel life with you tonight.
My feelings are so real.

Four seasons: spring brings run and lust,
Summer gives us pleasure,
Autumn leaves us lost and past.
Winter makes mind clear.

You are my winter…
And my summer,
And my spring,
And my autumn.

I could not imagine,
I was just runner in the life,
But now sleeping is over.

I did not see, I did not hear
The beauty of the nature.
But now I know the sense so clear.
You are my life teacher.