be myself

I want to be myself
I tired to using masks
I tired to lie to them
Remember whom I spoke and what it does

I want to show myself
Just want to feel alive
I wanna close my eyes
Make free breath in, I’m not deny

I also want my chance to choose:
With whom I wanna be,
With whom to fell in love,
With whom to die, be free

My options are simple now
Just stop to lie to me
And say it not to someone else
Say to myself “I wanna be free”

23:20 9 августа 2019, Нижний Тагил

Первое стихотворение(не баллада, не песня) на английском;Знаю, что есть ошибки, но с ними звучнее; #akkermanстих #akkermanstyle #woman #women
#beyourself #girlspower #freedom #chancetochoose