A Mantis Shrimp

He is a Mantis Shrimp. He's a Shrimp Harlequin.
He broke aquarium - he's thirty centimeters.
His jaw are in his legs, his mouth in his feet,
And faster than we blink - his tail will take the victim.

Sophisticated eyes transform the light itself,
He sees in the ultra and in the infrared spectrum.
Mollusks are smashed by him with the speed of rockets,
Much milticolored are than ours - his rainbows.

For quick release of hands - he is called a mantis,
A brawler, terrorist, a predator with dangers.
Almost for all his life in his caved hole he sits,
only rarely goes out for food anf for the females.

Their warm habitat - are corals, Barrier Reef.
The kick of their mace superbly multi-layered,
while wrapped in a spiral - it won't break the chitin,
Containing minerals, which like the string are chaining.

The Luxurious Mantis and Mantis the Peacock
In one of their eyes - ten thousand of facets -
Among animals' eyes - more complex of them all.
make comfortable life in underwater darkness.