To Savitri

O, beauty-goddess from a marvel-world,
A nectar cup of God His bliss to hold,
A dreamy statue magically wrought
By the Creator’s genius He sought
To chisel in the contours most divine —
His golden chalice of Love’s honey-wine
To fill the thirst of the earth’s yearning heart
That longs to touch, to grasp God’s living art,
By Him you’re sent to this dim aching world
Us to illume with your sun-bright grace-gold
That in your perfect traits, O beauty-dream,
God’s splendours from beyond to us may gleam.

Ritam Melgunov

Savitri is a noble and devoted wife whose story is narrated in a Vedic legend from the famous ancient Indian epic of the Mahabharata. By her pure and unreserved love she conquered even Death and brought back to life her husband Satyavan who had died at a young age. Savitri is very respected in India and worshiped by married women to avoid widowhood. Sri Aurobindo, a great Indian Yogi and Guru and sage and poet and freedom-fighter, composed his grand epic "Savitri" (the longest English poem ever written - 24,000 lines!) based on the Vedic legend of Savitri where he reveals that "Savitri is the Divine Word, daughter of the Sun, goddess of the supreme Truth who comes down and is born to save". Savitri is depicted in his epic poem as the Divine Mother who is born on the Earth in a human body to save the Earth and humanity. I have translated his epic into Russian. These lines are dedicated to Savitri.

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