Light Speed

1 couplet

Sometimes you look,
To the dark sky,
Where the stars sparkle
And distant eternal worlds,
Where is the path left?
Unknown whose he
And how fast he ran,
And where did he run?!
Who knows?,
I wish I could run like that!

2 times Chorus

Speed ;;of Light !,
My legs !,
Running to the edge of the world,
Leaving the path of light
From my soul
What a beam and a bullet,
Flies to heaven!
To the edge of the world!,
To new places!
Where we have not been yet!

After chorus

To distant galaxies!
In distant worlds!
We fly in a spaceship,
We study quickly,
Very fast,
Ash eyes go away!

2 After Chorus

With the Speed ;;of Light !,
Fly away!
Studying the whole world!
Hooray! Freedom of the century !,
Explore the world !,
Quickly! With the Speed ;;of Light !,
In the night sky !,
Night worlds!

2 couplet.

How beautiful,
You fly through the stars
With stars
In the old worlds,
As if,
Light racing,
On the track of space,
Leaving machines
Light path away,
From our eyes !,
Very fast! With light !,
With the glitter of our eyes!

2 times Chorus and so on.

3 couplet.

Sit at home
Do not step out of prison,
Don't sing
Don't play
And you think
When I go for a walk,
Slowly days go by
Do not stop my life
After all, I want fun,
And sing fast and beautiful!
What is fast and beautiful!
It pours from my soul!

2 times Chorus and so on.

4 couplet.

Be careful,
On the road, on the trail,
This is not a scooter for you,
Where to shreds you to pieces
And do not hurry to be in time
To his beloved,
And the speed is beautiful
But dangerous and beware
After all, the speed is not predictable!
Speed ;;vza edge of the world!

2 times Chorus and so on.

5 couplet.

Be careful always
After all, the world is not predictable
You don't know what can
Happen at any moment
And beware,
And then suddenly
So fast,
Miss everything
And all this is not good!
Though beautiful!
Look at it from afar!

2 times Chorus and so on.

6 couplet.

Do not ruin yourself
Because of some love
Life do not ruin
Do not drive, do not lie,
What is not needed not to whom
Or you are guilty,
That you will destroy your hope,
Which will not fade away
Never! And light
Beautiful And not destructive,
For you! Goni !,
Quickly, but with good !,
With optimism of the soul!

2 times Chorus and so on.

7 couplet.

Be always fun
And how beautiful around,
Do not think about the bad things,
Be an optimist,
And do not cry and not a pessimist,
You should smile
And look how beautiful nature is,
With what beauty is fast,
There is life around you !,
Like the lucky wind of heaven!
With the Speed ;;of Light !,
Flying In Dark Heavens !,
With the Speed ;;of Light In Heaven!

4 times Chorus and so on.