Musical Wave

1 couplet

Oh, how boring
There is no asset in the world
No muzla,
You are in a field in the forest
And only the birds sing,
And the name of the guests,
But we can,
Create a world
Where have something to say
And tell
And how cool,
When around,
One world of music!

Chorus 2 times

It's a wave!
Where is music and song is one,
Catch the notes on the fly,
Remember that you sang,
Listen look back!
This is a musical wave!
From songs and music!
What a wave and flow of water!
Captures the world !,
Musical wave!

After chorus

Musical wave !,
From notes and tears,
From the emotions of the soul !,
What a stream !,
Hurts the worlds !,
This is a blizzard of the soul!
Spark of a former soul!
From continuous tears !,
Grief, happiness, joy and love!

2 After Chorus

Musical Wave !,
The world of fire and soul!
From words, from tears !,
From the emotions inside you!

3 After chorus 5 times

Musical Wave !,
Sparks of our soul!
Inside us!

2 couplet.

Sings my soul
And what do you say
I do not know
Your sorrow
Do not hide
And it is clear
After all, it will still be then!
Sing Play! And open!
Your true wave shine!
Coming from within us !,
Like water !,
Tender soul inside us !,
Notes, arrows!
Piercing others !,
Strelnau from our soul!
Get a wave of true words!

2 times Chorus and so on.

3 couplet.

A blanket of magic
Which will wake,
And will warm you
Like the words
In the musical wave,
Play smooth, good
Do not miss the shine
Do not disturb the heart
The waters inside you
And spill it out
Powerful water from the soul!
Open your world inside!

2 times Chorus and so on.

4 couplet.

Sing quietly
And play,
Do not worry,
Open the doors
To your world
But don't trust the songs to anyone,
Musical taste,
Your hopes
Lava and river
Words pouring,
Sparkle like a star
The truths of your songs
And muzla !,
Be on your wave!

2 times Chorus and so on.

5 couplet.

Sea and ocean
Our soul
Cool around
Like the sound of the soul
Pierces the heart,
How cool to swim
By boat on the river
On the board on the wave,
And water is like the brilliance of the soul,
Do no harm to no other than
And sing, do not be afraid that inside
Breaks out
Like the truth
And the words, like!
Musical wave !,
Your soul !,
Which goes!
And the whole world in Paradise!
The musical words of the soul !,
This eternal wave !,
What sounds no end inside !,
And go ahead! Water wave !,
From your soul!

4 times Chorus and so on.