Cursed Old House

1 couplet

In the deep forest,
In the valley of darkness,
Worth not to whom
Not the right house,
Who knows?,
What is hiding the house?
Do not enter the world!
Dead being !,
Which will bring !,
Nothing good!,
No one!

2 times Chorus

Old house!,
The eternal home of evil!
And death is one there,
Do not go, do not go,
In the world of evil that captured,
This house is in your own hands!

After chorus

Damn old house !,
Full of evil
Robbery and theft,
One witch
And the ghosts in it,
Scare everyone around,
And do not contact
There with strength
About which you
I never knew !,
Do not go, do not go there!

2 After chorus 4 times

Old house!,
Damned and Scary,
World of Evil!

2 couplet.

Walk carefully
In unfamiliar land,
And you want to know
But don't
Live with your family
Do not touch what is worse
Invented story
And the horror film that was shot,
In the cinema and beware of the world!
In the ancient, dense forest !,
And scary run!
It will help you!
You only believe in God!
And do not go there anymore!

2 times Chorus and so on.

3 couplet.

How beautiful in the forest
Berries, yes mushrooms,
Mountains above all
And in the atmosphere of the cloud,
Look there,
Forget everything
Bad behind,
And do not stretch
To the awful truth,
What is that!
Old and evil house !,
Where is one evil!
And your fear!
Which is inside of you!

2 times Chorus and so on.

4 couplet.

Take care of yourself!,
My friend!,
Do not go where do not wait!
The world of people !,
Steeper and better!
Evil inside !,
Look at our world!
To a wonderful life!
Live quietly, beautiful!
And do not be disturbed by the darkness!
Do not open the door for him
Sing and perform calmly
Go dark and become
In the shower is good!
From the darkness came!
From damned! Old !,
Evil world! In the distance !,
And inside you !,
Do not go there! Watch out !,
From damn !,
Old, evil home away!
Where is the evil world inside him !,
Be afraid Run!
Do not wake up! Fear your inside!

3 times Chorus and so on.