When you have to choose your future profession, it is right to take the time to think carefully about it. People’s expectations and how it is in reality sometimes have no similarities.

   For future successful employees, it is useful to know what possible advantages and disadvantages this or that profession has, and that paying attention to that the lack of information could eventually lead to misunderstandings, disappointment and even to great mistakes.

   Keeping in mind that you need to know the preferred profession from all sides and as clearly as possible, will help you in future. For that important purpose, you ought to find out what people in this profession do in their working hours; find out what the career development potential in principle could be; find out how much free time they have; write a list of the advantages and disadvantages; and have a conversation with at least two or three professionals in the field of interest.

   Another one of the most important points is what kind of education you need to get so you can have a better perspective of modern society, and to be sure that this profession will be in popular demand in future. In addition, you should ask yourself in which country you would like to live and which languages you would need for your studies and then your future career.

   I suppose it would be good to think about what may influence your choice and be sure that you will work on this area. Nowadays from the statistics, we know that too many people choose professions without understanding how to become successful at them in their real lives and then unexpectedly need to change their chosen profession to another one. So don’t waste your time; pay attention to exactly what you want and need; be honest with yourself; and think very carefully.      

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