Without you!

1 couplet

Sometimes day
It is bright
And sometimes one darkness
And we sleep every day,
And I'm standing on the river bank,
And I hope to meet you
For a walk with you
Oh my love!
How sad I am!
Without you!

2 times Chorus

My heart is beating!
Without you!,
Without love!,
Forgive me!,
For not defending!
Do not keep, and sometimes threw!
I'm such a fool!
And how I do not want!
Without you!

Without you!...

2 couplet.

I think of you,
Where are you!?,
I can not you!
Nowhere to find !,
Everywhere beauty!
And the girls who !,
Also want my love!
Where are you!?,
I can not live without you!,
My love!

2 times Chorus.

3 couplet.

Would invite
I take you to dance
Or to your concert,
Which I hope
With all my soul,
You should have sat,
And would listen to me
I would watch
Forever for you
In your eyes,
How proud you are of me
We would have sailed away with you,
To the end of the world forever!
Only with you!,
Without you, I can not!

2 times Chorus.

4 couplet.

But the day will come
When everything will be
We will be together
I will never forget you
And in this life,
We will be together,
I believe in our love,
And while you are not,
And I can not live without you!
My fate!

I can not live without you!!

3 times Chorus.