Another Russian roulette with the Grim Reaper

- Something nice will happen. I'm telling you, something nice will happen.
At any time, at any day,
It can be done, just right away.

- Please, not now. Please, a bit after never.
Give me a break. Give me, give me a break.
It is late, I know, it is late,
What was destiny is now only fate.
Too much, too late, too bloody fate.
Too much and too late. Or never anything.
Life is too short to ...

- Now, it's too late to be too early. But it's still possible to be on time.
I'll see you later.

- What a strange prediction!

- Unfortunately, the next will happen.
Some day will find you.
For years I have been waiting for the right second.
I will, one day I'm going to. Maybe even next week. If the time's right.
And only one thing is sure: there will be some moment.
Years and years, and then just a couple of minutes.

- What will be, will be. Unless it won't.
Yesterday, I didn't know that. Today, I miss yesterday.
I'm afraid that I will not happen again.
Time to draw the last deadline.
Some bullshit is eager to happen.
Is there something?
I don't know what it is before it isn't anymore.
Voila. Das Ende. That's it.
Listen, I don't have time for this right now! Just cut the chase to the crap!
Don't touch my century.
You can't make the long story short. Forget it.

- I'll be with you in a moment for eternity.
Never-ending eternity is always just around the corner.


- Nothing came up. Nothing ever comes up.
This feeling "never again!", once again.
The question is, but not always.
Will the next time be?

- You can always.
I've seen you from the future.
This time it won't be like all the other times. Totally different.