Late night thinking

I'm not sure that I think so.
Someone is thinking in my head, instead of me.
I cannot think without thinking twice.
I'm thinking too often about me thinking too much.
You would think, but you can't. I mean, you can't think.
Don't look. Don't think. The rest is up to you.
- I'm thinking.
- Does it hurt?
I don't think so. Come to it, I don't think, never.
I don't think but it doesn't help.
To think or to drink?
I don't think, I hope.
"Think different" implies somehow, that all the others are thinking.
Today I'm thinking.
I think, therefore nothing is happening.
Why do you think?
It's depressing to think.
Breathe. Don't think. Just breathe.
No, no, no,
I do not think so.
Sometimes I think, but that's an exception.
It's not what I'm thinking, it's not what I'm feeling, it's not what I'm doing. But it's me.
I wouldn't think twice about it. I would also carefully avoid thinking about it the first time.
I don't think so. But I don't think, anyway.
Oh, how cute, he is thinking.
I think, therefore nothing happens.
Think or sink.
I don't think, you don't think, we don't think, they don't think. Well, nobody's thinking.
Cogito, maybe sum.
If you think what I think, think again.
I always thought I could do it. I just never tried. Then I tried, and did it. Now I have nothing left to think about.
I don't know. But I think.
I think, but it isn't a competitive advantage anymore.
Stop thinking, start sleeping.
It's interesting, how some people think and other people don't think, at all.
Once upon a time I was thinking sometimes.
Don't wait for me to think.
Please, be my thinking hero.
This strange moment, when I'm feeling, literally hearing how I'm thinking. And then silence, and no thinking anymore.
I don't think. I sleep.