Let Your Dreams Be Eloquent

Let your dreams be eloquent
And true to inner reason;
Accusation is never your friend
Despite the mood or season;

All gut illusions are oblique
To the end from the very beginning,
Their embroidered patterns are unique
Without lies or scheming;

Without confusions there is no life
For the better, or for the worse,
In shallow waters you cannot dive
Or roughly change your course;

Without the falsehood there is no truth,
Without shadow - light;
The room is empty when you are gone,
And and mornings aren't bright;

You fetch adventure and the jokes,
Mischievous delight,
So let your dreams be eloquent -
It's such a precious sight...

Illustration: We Hear It

Dreams always find their worthy dreamers, like children find their worthy parents (a least according to the Buddhist Book of the Dead). Sometimes it might take a few generations for the dreams to truly come to fruition, but rest assured that they will, for they are more than ideas of men… They are the Hallowed Truth of Heaven contained with the spirit… The Truth shall ever shine through…

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Hello, Mre!
Thank you for this inspired and inspiring review. I have heard about the Buddhist Book of the Dead, but was unaware of the fact about the children and their choice of their parents. You brought a new light to my poem by adding a shade of new meaning to it.

Ириша Стародубцева   04.05.2019 00:24   Заявить о нарушении
Each expression of the art is the expression of the spirit. When looking at the painting one should carefully consider images at different perspectives, for each one reveals a certain hue of light and shadow – a meaning or a concept previously unseen and yet, once revealed, dear and fair beyond words… The Book of the Dead that I have read was but a translation of the original, not a direct understanding of the primary text… Yet it reveals a certain unalienable truth about the nature of a human spirit – a desire for rebirth and redemption, a new beginning that promises a chance to be better today in body, spirit and mind than one was yesterday… Today is truly a gift… That is why we call it present… Such were the wise words of the martial arts master in the animated movie… Let us use this gift wisely and bring more light of our spirits in this world…

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