A Mask

I am a person in a mask,
Not quite myself;
It's not a very easy task,
To speak from my cloth shell;

It's my desire to be strong,
Alas! My soul is weak;
It craves for beauties of a song,
And is a freak;

You see, my sweetness's in disguise,
I'm humorous and fragile,
Without treachery or lies
Inside I smile;

But dirty winds and harsh good-byes
Just hurt too much;
They make me ill and pretty small,
So, please, don't judge!

The look means much in our world,
But not enough,
My look is not my fault,
And neither is my love...

From Note: https://goo.gl/ScG4Hc

The beautiful petals of the rose are but a mask for the true beauty of the spiritual essence concealed within. Many are enthralled with petals, while worthy few behold the everlasting veiled light shining beyond… Those who shall see that light will not let it dim and will carry a part of it within themselves illuminating other spirit-flowers seeking hope and faith…

Мге   15.04.2019 04:23     Заявить о нарушении
Yes, flower is much more beautiful, when it blooms for a reason:)

Ириша Стародубцева   15.04.2019 10:49   Заявить о нарушении