You are the Only Person, who Cares

You are the only person, who cares,
All the others strike amiss,
I try to climb the worldly stairs,
In search of strange and utter bliss;

You give me strength and simple notions
Of confidence and pure joy,
So I will spin my wheel in constant motion,
Convinced, like a mechanic toy;

But I can fall or just give way to weakness,
Because the future seems to be so dim;
And nothing suits my view or guess;
Without you - I'm just a script, not film;

Because the world is always changing,
So self-sufficient, different, unique;
But all we are - just specs, that come in ranges,
But all we can - just care and be not scared of danger,
Even when standing on its brink.

Sometimes it takes only one astronomer to see a star, its wistful glimmer where others see only a bright speck upon the boundless tapestry of heavens… The star shall not stop shining even if others ignore her guiding light or simply look away… If it keeps on shining, chances are, a worthy star-seer shall behold her light in all its everlasting beauty… Shine on, my friend!

Мге   24.03.2019 23:34     Заявить о нарушении
Thank you, Mre, for these beautiful and heartfelt words!

Ириша Стародубцева   27.03.2019 23:44   Заявить о нарушении
Dear friend… It is perhaps an unfortunate fact that fortune has not given me a good eyesight leaving me somewhat nearsighted. Yet, in a way it is also a hidden blessing, for inevitably I am inclined to examine the world with scrutiny seeking a clearer and more detailed comprehension of each brilliant facet of life… Your spirit is one of such facets, for it inspires mine…

Мге   28.03.2019 01:54   Заявить о нарушении