Tell me, are you Sufficiently Mad

Tell me, are you sufficiently mad,
Or require some more execution,
The point of view is just a fad -
A meek and innocent illusion;

Rough waves of life
Almost never subside,
For the better, or for the worse,
The only distraction that we ever can find -
Is a freedom of our choice;

And we can influence the rest,
And - modestly-
Change the world,
Every decision has certain zest,
And the joy that we can afford!

Besides, in the corner of your mind -
Hides love’s secret domain,
Effervescent, happy sight
Unmistakably bold.

Most things in life are fleeting… The outer beauty fades, jobs and money come and go and even loved ones and friends are torn away from us by often silly misunderstandings or, sadly, by the flow of time… The only thing that remains forever with us is an inner beauty of spirit. It should be nourished by unconditional love - towards all that is worthy in this world – both people and places with whom your spirit, heart and mind grow and are enlightened… Perhaps, the point of view matter little, while the spiritual conviction does… Thank you, dear friend, for inspiration!

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I haven’t heard from you for a while, Mre! But now I’m happy to write inspirational poems and share with you the enlightenment of my spirit. Have a nice day!

Ириша Стародубцева   24.02.2019 11:23   Заявить о нарушении
My absence, alas, was unavoidable, for my work takes up much of my time and effort, and the moments of respite are few and far between… Yet, whenever I call upon stihira’s poetic abode, my visits are rewarded by the warmth and consolation of the verses amid which yours find a worthy and rightful place… My gratitude to you for such gifts may hardly be laid in fitting words...

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